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Hello, i am in the last year of high school baccalaureat francais SV in lebanon

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littlelacie   in reply to tomobarbar
Hi again.Well I got it off the internet- there is no way to be sure.Maybe talk to several different people there, maybe the person you talked to did not know about it.Others might. I will read up some more about it and write down the name of the website so you can check it out too. Man, that is what it said! Talk to you again soon.
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tomobarbar   in reply to littlelacie
hi! i already called AUB university ,they don't know about it?!
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tomobarbar   in reply to littlelacie

are you sure about this? i already call them,they didn't know about this?!!
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Hi, The US donates money to AUB sufficient for scholarships for 600 plus students. You should contact AUB for information how to apply.
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